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NFT Paper Project
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An interactive experience that contains 11,880 unique pieces of procedurally generated art, living both in the physical and digital worlds.

NFTs are available for minting and the canvas factory creates downloadable templates for cutting machines, giving everyone the ability to create a physical twin.

Minting is active!

Mint information

Whitelist sale:

October 26, 15:00 UTC

Public Sale:

October 26, 19:00 UTC


420 VET


Market info

With the VeChain community ecosystem still maturing there isn't an OpenSea type marketplace for users to interact with; the Paper Project will be providing a marketplace ready to open shortly after minting is complete. In a short time after that the marketplace will be available for other ecosystem NFTs.


Community Canvas

Collaborate with your VeFam on this great initiative: the Community Canvas.

Be sure to take part and share your own pixel-art with the community.

Draw now!

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