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A guide before mint: Veysarum

While writing this article, the mint-countdown on our NFT Dashboard ticks and ticks - nearing the '3 days left' mark. Veysarum has the honor of being the fourth collection minting on veSea - after VeKings, VeGhosts, Honorary VeKings and being the second community collection after the before mentioned VeGhosts. With their unique generative art collection they will leave their mark on the early #VeChainNFT space.

This article does not tell you in-depth information regarding Veysarum - you can find that here - but will make sure you are fully prepared when that countdown hits zero! But before we do , let us dive a little bit into what makes Veysarum unique? This is what they have to say about it.

"Veysarum is a generative art collection. An algorithm script that generates an image is infused with randomized variables. These variables generate a wide variety of different abstract images all designed by the computer without human interference. Similar in thought to works you may see at artblocks or other generative art spaces."

You're still here? Get out your inner nerd!

"Getting deeper into the nerdy stuff, it’s created from 3 million randomization based data points and stored as tokens on Vechain’s Blockchain. An algorithm was run on a continuous loop with a unique “seed” specific to each iteration."
"With each new iteration, one dataset was created. That dataset was then plotted in a series of up to 10 different ways using randomization, ensuring each Veysarum NFT was truly unique and original."

Amazing right? So lets get into the "important" details.

Mint day: November 19th

Presale: 3PM UTC (3 hours time)

Public sale: 6 PM UTC

How to get in the Presale? (Whitelist)

All wallets that own 1 or more VeKings on a snapshot taken on November 17th, 5PM UTC will be added to the whitelist.

Presale price: 400 VET (1 mint per address)

Public sale price: 800 VET (no tiers)

With only three days to go, myVeChain hopes you are now fully prepared to have a successful mint! Oh - before we forget. Check out this massive giveaway!

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