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A Step-by-Step Guide to Recovering VET Sent via BSC Network

It happens to the best of us. I regularly receive this question from community members on telegram, discord, reddit and twitter.

How to recover my VET went via the Binance Smart Chain network instead of vechainthor?

In most cases, the answer is really easy! Therefore I created this easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial.

This guide shows you two ways of recovering your precious VET from BSC.

  1. With your seed phrase

  2. With your keystore

The video will also show you the mistake you made so you will select the vechain network on your next withdraw.

Links used in the video




Add custom token VET to Nufinetes

Contract Address: 0x6FDcdfef7c496407cCb0cEC90f9C5Aaa1Cc8D888

Name: VeChain

Symbol: VET

Decimals: 18

What to do when I'm using a Ledger?

This makes things a little more complicated, but it is possible to extract your private key from your Ledger. Use this tutorial from the official Ledger site.

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