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Announcement Galaxy Travelers 👾

Galaxy Portraits are coming to the VeSea Markets soon and they are very limited. Only 1099 will be released as part of the public sale

What are Galaxy Portraits?

The year is 12094... Humans have ventured to the farthest expansions of the Galaxy and have mixed and connected with thousands of unique alien species. Each Galaxy Portrait is a different unique humanoid creature that is comprised of a mixture of Human and Alien DNA . They all come from different reaches of the Galaxy and have each faced different hardships to survive until today.

Can you mint one and tell its story?

Scroll down below the images for minting details!

Key Minting Details

  1. Minting will take place on the last weekend of November. Exact Date and Time will be announced soon. 26th to 28th of November

  2. Only 1099 Galaxy Portraits will be available for mint.

  3. Minting price will be between 3000-3500 vet. Exact Price will be announced soon.

  4. Galaxy Portraits will be revealed once all have either been minted or burnt

Minting will take place on a unique Galaxy Portraits website!

What makes the Galaxy Portraits unique?

  1. Each Galaxy Portrait is generated using an AI algorithm that has been trained using my custom sketches and stock images.

  2. They come in truely amazing colour combinations (truely amazing). Seriously check out our twitter @GalaxyPortNFT

  3. Some Galaxy Portraits will have unique backstories that will be shared on our twitter page. We also have some amazing collaborations coming with huge Vechain NFT personalities.

Minting Prizes

2 lucky minters will receive:

  1. A canvas print of their favorite NFT delivered to their house. Delivery times will be estimated based on location.

  2. A grand prize of 25.000 VET to one minter who mints a lottery Galaxy Portrait

5 lucky minters will receive:

  1. A special Paul McCartney Galaxy Portrait.

  2. A special John Lennon Galaxy Portrait.

  3. A special Mick Jagger Galaxy Portrait.

  4. A special Freddy Mercury Galaxy Portrait.

  5. A special Kobe Bryant Galaxy Portrait.

We hope to see you at mint 😊

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