NFT of the week #1 | V-Ladies

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

With pleasure and pride I present to you the very first article of the new NFT of the Week blog-series with a project that really deserves a massive shout out and stage in our #VeFam community. This weeks NFT of the Week is: V-Ladies, by WildMind.

In this article:

I will introduce you to the ladies

How to get to know them better?

I am friendzoned! What now?

Can I send a letter?

You are not into girls?

I will introduce you to the ladies

Hi there! Let me get the girls and we're good to go! In the meantime, let me introduce you to WildMind - the artist. WildMind is a female Italian artist - who is conquering the VeChain NFT space with her original hand-drawn art while also being an ambassador for #womanincrypto.

Her VeChain NFT debut marked a milestone for her career - as the drop of the first 6 V-Ladies sold out almost immediately. Then a week later at the second drop - the girls were taken even faster. I'm certainly not the only one liking these girls!