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NFT of the week #1 | V-Ladies

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

With pleasure and pride I present to you the very first article of the new NFT of the Week blog-series with a project that really deserves a massive shout out and stage in our #VeFam community. This weeks NFT of the Week is: V-Ladies, by WildMind.

In this article:

I will introduce you to the ladies

How to get to know them better?

I am friendzoned! What now?

Can I send a letter?

You are not into girls?


I will introduce you to the ladies

Hi there! Let me get the girls and we're good to go! In the meantime, let me introduce you to WildMind - the artist. WildMind is a female Italian artist - who is conquering the VeChain NFT space with her original hand-drawn art while also being an ambassador for #womanincrypto.

Her VeChain NFT debut marked a milestone for her career - as the drop of the first 6 V-Ladies sold out almost immediately. Then a week later at the second drop - the girls were taken even faster. I'm certainly not the only one liking these girls!

Ah - there they are! Welcome, beloved V-Ladies. I present to you: three of the 198 unique and original hand-drawn V-Ladies!

Ingrid from Oslo, Norway | Helen from Dublin, Ireland | Ariele from Milan, Italy

How to get to know them better?

V-Ladies is a collection of eccentric, cool and diverse young ladies from all over the world. Celebrating diversity and femininity, there will ever only be 198 V-Ladies - all unique in origin, appearance and background.

So how do you get to know them? By buying the NFT of course! V-Ladies are dropped in quantities of six, each Thursday at 5PM GMT on the World of V Marketplace. Pricing is either 3000 VET or 25000 WOV tokens. You need to be quick, or you will be friendzoned forever.

Other ways of learning about the girls or even win a free NFT is by following WildMind on her social media and by joining her very own Discord server.

I am friendzoned! What now?

Lucky you! As we write, only 12 V-Ladies are minted - that means there are still 186 left to mint, which will give you another 21 opportunities to add a lovely V-Lady NFT to your collection.

Another way the get out of that friendzone is to let one of them break-up with their current owner, and buy the NFT from the World of V Marketplace. You can easily check which V-Lady is looking for a new adventure by going to WildMind's WoV Profile and click on the [ON SALE] tab. Be alarmed though. These spirited girls do not let go easily - as proven by the current floor of 1,000,000 (one million) VET.

Can I send a letter?

No you can't ... but feel free to send WildMind a message on her Discord and let her know what you think about V-Ladies! There ARE letters though! Each V-Lady owner will receive an airdrop NFT which contains another original hand-drawn piece - signed with a unique QR-code. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

Each QR-code will link to a MEDIUM page that will contain an original story for your very own V-Lady!

You are not into girls?

No problem! WildMind has you covered. On the 16th of November she announced a teaser via her twitter account.

Because of the great success of this VeChainNFT V-Ladies, it has been decided that their universe will be expanded with the addition of V-Gentlemen.

Damn ... I'm looking forward to that! We can expect more information soon on November 23rd.

To end this blog I want to thank you all for reading this article and I hope you all enjoyed the first item of the new NFT of the Week series - only on myVeChain!

To decide which NFT will be the next NFT of the Week - I'm going to put up a vote on twitter! Before you leave, check out the short-term roadmap and all images from the currently revealed V-Ladies below!

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