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NFT of the Week #2 | Saiké Monsters

Gotta Collect 'Em All!

Try collecting them all if you want! You'll find out the task is impossible. Why? Find out in our NFT of the Week #2 | Saiké Monsters article.

Airworthy - A.K.A. Jake Dewey - is a hip-hop artist and has been creating music since 2013. Jake has been collaborating with his good friend Chase Dahl (A.K.A. Aelios Art) - who is also the artist of his music art covers - to bring an exciting line of new NFTs to the #VNFT Ecosystem.

What can we expect from these guys?

A lot actually! Let's have a look at their massive roadmap. Aside from our NFT of the Week - Saikémons - a lot is going to happen.

  • Gaming Collection

  • Mystery Lottery

  • PFP NFTs

  • Japanese Playing Card Collection

I mean ... that IS a roadmap we are looking forward to.

So what are these Saiké Monsters (Saikémons)

They are coming! And sooner than you think.

Release: December 4th - 4 PM UTC

This original collection will feature a line of the classic - 1st Generation Pokémon we all know and love - but with a psychedelic twist! There will only be 77 unique pieces - I told you it would be impossible to collect 'em all!!

Editions: 77 unique Saikémons

76 Saikémon will be released via the World of V marketplace - for you to catch!

Price: 3200 VET

That's not all folks! The very special "Trainer: Airworthy" card will be auctioned via the World of V Discord - at 6 PM UTC, December 4th. Previous auctions on World of V went into the tens of thousands VET! Crazy!

What do Saikémons look like?

Oh man! You're about to feast your eyes. We got some very nice examples comin up.

Check 'em out below!

We have

  • Trainer: Airworthy

  • Saikémon Bulbasaur

  • Saikémon Pikachu

  • Saikémon Ekans

Trivia: Did you know that Ekans spelled backwards is Snake? And how about its evolution Arbok - Kobra!

Thank you all once again for reading our NFT of the week series on! See you all next time again!

Airworthy Twitter | Airworthy Medium | Airworthy WoV

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