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NFT of the Week #3 | Victs

No need to be afraid of them! Our blobby friends are actually very nice and friendly. Public Mint starts December 18th, 6PM UTC. In this weeks NFT of the Week - we will inform you about everything you need to now about Victs and what secrets lie behind the bars.

Unforeseen over-population in our prison

Let's start with a short introduction about what "Victs" actually are. Victs are 5000 inmates - serving their time on the VeChainThor Blockchain - specifically known as the Ven Quentin Penitentiary. They are locked up for various reasons, but as mentioned before - don't be afraid because their crimes were not that serious!

Because of the unforeseen over-population - The Warden - allows $VET holders to bail 5000 Victs out of their cell and grant them a new life, far away from Wardens all-seeing eyes.

They are not your regular PFP NFTs

What we exceptionally like about Victs - is that they are not just another VNFT profile picture project. Your Victs will come with many features - which we will tell you about later - and many secrets that we have yet to discover.

Are you getting as excited as I am?

Let's talk about those features

Victs come in many forms, shapes, colors, identities and not to mention wear different close and attributes. They are a refreshing collection of programmatically generated VNFTs - pulling from over 150 unique attributes. But there is more!



Mystery Gifts


Restitution Airdrops

Cellmate NFT Collection

And this is not everything!

We don't want to spoil all the fun.

So if we got your interest - we will share with you all mint information for this project! Ready?!

Mint information

Whitelist mint: Dec. 18th - 12PM UTC

Public Mint: Dec. 18th - 6 PM UTC

Whitelist information

Only a maximum of 500 wallets can mint 1 NFT each for 200 VET

Public Mint Tiers

0001-1000: 200 VET

1001-2000: 275 VET

2001-3000: 350 VET

3001-4000: 425 VET

4001-5000: 500 VET

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