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THE GREAT ODIN has blessed us with a “My First VeKing” Drawing!!

Prize: up to 3,000 $VET toward your purchase(s).

Anyone who did not own a VeKing prior to 11/6/2021 is eligible.

If you meet this criteria each new VeKing purchase from 11/6/2021 through 11/15/2021 9am UTC is a separate entry into the drawing.

Simply register your wallet and start buying from the VeSea Marketplace (

Even if you have already made your first purchase on, or after, 11/6/2021 you can still register your wallet and receive your entry/entries!

You can register your wallet, find details/guidelines, links for tools and more on the VeKings Discord Server “newcomers” channel:

This drawing is perfect timing for the upcoming Pyre event!

The Pyre event is completely voluntary. You may choose to burn your VeKing(s) for a chance to receive one of only 100 Undead.

Up to 2,500 VeKings will be burned bringing the original collection down to as low as 7,500 VeKings.

The burned VeKings will fork into their own separate collection of 2,500 maximum.

You will find a link with more Pyre event information on the VeKings Discord Server “newcomers” channel:

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