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VeGhosts: The guide before mint

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What are VeGhosts?

VeGhosts are a set up 8000 unique ghosts waiting to emerge as VeGhosts on the VeChain blockchain. VeGhosts are hosted on the VeSea Marketplace. Public sale starts October 29th and will last for 7 days. Any un-minted VeGhosts will be burned alive (taken out of circulation forever). After the public sale, you can trade them at

VeGhosts is a fun and community driven NFT project on the VeChain blockchain. They are constructed from various accessories, faces, eyes, items and colors.

VeGhosts are generated programmatically using more than 150 features, making each one unique.These collectible ghosts are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and they exist as VIP-181 tokens. Get in on the fun of collecting non-rare, rare, and ultra rare VeGhosts.

How can I be Whitelisted?

There are 2 ways to be Whitelisted:

VeGhosts Whitelist for all already whitelisted VeKing Members & all VeKing holders at Snapshot.

  1. You were originally whitelisted for VeKings. If you were whitelisted and/or if your name is in Red, your wallet will automatically be added to the Whitelist Database for VeGhosts.

  2. To show our love for our VeKings brothers, we have decided that ALL VeKing holders will be eligible for Whitelist. You just need to hold a VeKing in your wallet when the snapshot is taken. Snapshot is taken 10/27 @ 3pm UTC. You will need to have at LEAST 1 VeKing UNLISTED in order to qualify.

When is the Whitelist Sale and Public Sale?

Whitelist Sale — 2PM UTC / Public Sale 6PM UTC

We have decided to make the 29th an epic day & have all minting start on it. This will allow for us to get the whitelist period minted quickly and allow for public sale on the same day.

October 29th:

Whitelist Sale: 2PM UTC (1 mint per address)

Public Sale: 6PM UTC (Up to 10 mints per transaction)

How can I mint VeGhosts?

Minting will be easy and extremely similar to how VeKings minting was.

We just put in the request for our own Dapp Icon in the Mobile Wallet App to take you directly to the minting page for VeGhosts. This is the ideal solution and you will be able to get directly to it from the Dapp Icon.

However, IF this does not get pushed to the application in time, you will still be able to access minting 2 ways:

  1. Directly on at this URL:

  2. By click on the VeKingsNFT DApp Icon and then going to the VeGhosts page in the navigation.

Dapp icon will be added to Discover tab soon

We will keep everyone updated as soon as we know for sure if the Dapp Icon will be up or if you’ll have to access it via the 2 ways listed above.

This is the Dapp Icon for VeGhosts. If it’s added in time you’ll see it on the Discover tab.

Dapp Icon above is what you’d look for when connecting to the mobile wallet. Example from VeKingsNFT Below.

How you’d connect to VeGhosts Mint page (Except we’d have a VeGhost Dapp Icon)

How can I win a free VeGhost?

Our running VeGhost Giveaway-palooza on Twitter

We are currently running multiple giveaways, including our daily giveaway-palooza via our Twitter —

We are also running giveaways through other influential VeChain members in the community so be on the lookout.

We will continue to run giveaways and contests after minting is completed as well since we have allocated 50 VeGhosts specifically for Giveaway/contest purposes.

VeGhosts Minting Tiers and VET Cost

What will it cost to mint?

Minting will follow a basic Tiered approach, but will end at 3120 since we have 8,000 Unique VeGhosts instead of the typical 10,000. Please be aware that ANY VeGhosts that are not minted within the 7 day window we have set, will be burned forever and taken out of circulation.

When will VeGhosts market go live and mints be revealed?

VeGhosts will both be revealed and available on the VeSea Marketplace when minting is completed.

Whether that be in 6 hours, 2 days, 5 days or if it expires after 7 and have to burn the remaining VeGhosts. After this, every VeGhost will be revealed and market will go live.

We have some reasoning for going for this type of approach instead of revealing right away and opening the marketplace as soon as minting begins.

We ran through every scenario and project and looked at it hard and long and decided it was best for our project to not allow manipulation and to help build momentum and longevity in minting and marketplace sustainability. This approach should help keep the floor high right at launch. Because you can’t plan what you have and can’t decide what you think the market will pay (since price discovery will not be established yet) to try and flip ones at a premium from your mint price, this should help sustain the initial marketplace launch and floor.

We also don’t want anyone from presale trying to dump for quick flips or lower tiers flooding the market. If we wait till minting is over before revealing and allowing Marketplace to open then we help prevent people from trying to flip before tiers are even hit. This will help keep the floor up and also prevent dumping since everyone will be interested and waiting to see what they minted. We will reveal all at once and open up the marketplace together. That will keep the element of surprise up as well.

What type of Attributes/Categories can we expect?

The VeGhosts Categories and Attribute Counts for each

How about some Sneak-Peeks?

Preview to some of the VeGhosts Body Types

How about some Sneak-Peeks?


For more project information, and help with any questions, join our Discord channel within VeKings Discord (# veghosts):



Mint Page:

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NFTs Quick Dive:

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