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VeSea Market Upgrade X VeGhosts Minting Premiere

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

While VeChain's NFT Ecosystem is laying its foundations in our #VeFam community - VeSea and their collaboration with the VeGhosts team - are working hard on contributing to the Ecosystem's core. We are happy to announce that the VeSea Market Upgrade will go live within next week and that all preparations for the VeGhosts Minting Premiere are finished.

In this article

- VeSea Market Upgrade

- Price confirmation before list

- Bundled de-listing

- Set minimum bid for owned NFTs

- Private sale to a specific address

- Other VeSea News

- VeGhost Minting Premiere

- Whitelist Presale: start 2PM UTC

- Public Sale: start 6PM UTC

VeSea Market Upgrade

Price confirmation before list

You hate to see it. You're tired, had a rough day and you've had it. Why not try and sell a NFT to save the day. You enter the listing price - double check the zero's - hit the list button - SOLD!

"Wait a minute?" That was not the amount you listed it for right? Or was it? Price confirmation will provide you with an extra security and hopefully prevent some of these though moments.

Bundled de-listing

Get those VeKings off the market - and fast! Delisting 1-by-1 is a thing of the past. You'll be able to delist those strong VeKings and Valkyries (and VeGhosts) with 10 per transaction - improving this feature along the road.

Set minimum bid for owned NFTs

1 VET biddings were already crushed by Thor's hammer - Mjölnir - and a minimum bid of 150 VET was introduced. But since the VeSea team understands you'll not accept a bid under 50.000 VET for your APE - they'll introduce this feature: set a minimum bid amount per NFT you own. Awesome right!

Private sale to a specific address

You struck a nice deal on the VeSea Discord? Your written offer got accepted by a complete stranger on Twitter? VeSea team got your back, by adding a private sale feature in the VeSea marketplace - to take the deals you agreed on outside the marketplace - and complete them in the market place safely!

Other VeSea News

Fasten your seat belt! Because what is coming next will blow you away. You're ready? Ok, lets go! Team will focus on Attribute filters afterwards, which is expected really soon. Until then, you're free to use the external tool, currently accessible via the marketplace. Price indexing is also work in progress and labelled Soon™.

Much effort has been put into the Roadmap V2 - which is expected to drop in ~2 weeks. Excited for VeGhosts? More collections will follow as the team is discussing with several other projects in the Ecosystem, both old and new.

VeSea V2 is around the corner and the team is aggressively building on the marketplace to bring everyone the experience they deserve from a central NFT source on VeChain.

  • Uploading collections/works

  • Profiles

  • Additional market features

  • Email and alert notification

  • More ... but they won't say it yet! I tried ...

I'm deliberately not mentioning the pyre mechanic. Or should I say "The Eternal Flame"? Oh shit ... Bread will skin me! Let's move towards VeGhosts before he notices.

VeGhosts Minting Premiere

In a dark misty forest, 8000 VeGh.... Okay I will spare you the intro this time! VeGhosts minting is TODAY, October 29th. Are you as excited as I am?

Whitelist Presale: start 2PM UTC

Are you one of those lucky bastards who got on the whitelist! You'll be able to mint 1 VeGhost before everyone else - starting at 2PM UTC. Yes, we all want to mint more. But you need to wait for the Public Sale.

Public Sale: start 6PM UTC

I probably don't need to say much about this. Make sure you are ready when the countdown hits 0 - there will be competition for the lower tiers!

Good luck on minting everyone and don't forget to hit that 'heart' icon for this post and share it with your friends!

This was VetMaik - see you next time ...

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