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Vumanoids: Part 1

The night-sky was still ablaze. She was sweaty and heavy breathing from a bad dream she woke up to. "Shit" could be heard from underneath the rain of tears that flowed out her light crystal bug-like eyes.

She started to remember the dream she had and started shaking. She felt lonely and cold. "It's what you get after you commit a gender-selective mass killing. There is only one gender left" She started to raise her voice a bit.

"It is us females who will reign now! Those goddamned male vElves didn't even see it coming. Butchered by surprise - as we intended". The shaking calmed down as uncertainty took its place.

"B- but was it necessary? I- .. I do not know. It took every ... thing! We lost a lot that day. We lost fucking everything!" She started to remember it more clearly now. Nonetheless - she was part of planning and organizing the gendercide.

"NO!" She almost started screaming now. "NO - I'm not a heartless bitch. I did it for the greater good - a better future for ... for us, all female vElves". Her teary bug eyes started to clear up.

While she wiped her face dry with her blood stained sleeve you could still hear her words, "Screw those males!".

Why is the sky ablaze? Who is this girl? What are vElves?

Find out soon in Part 2.

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