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Vumanoids: Part 2

“Hey Veara, who are you talking to?” asked Aexilia.

She plopped down on her bum beside me before turning her face.

Aexilia and I have been best friends since we were kids. Those times we were known as polar-opposite friends. She has dewy eyes and is always dressed in pastel-colored clothes. Meanwhile, I have buggy eyes that looks like I’m shocked all the time. I’m almost always clad in black form-fitted clothes.

“No one actually. I’m just talking to myself.” I said, looking at Aexilia with a small reassuring smile.

“I don’t know how you did it, Vea. How did you come out unscathed? How do you pull yourself together after what we just did?” said Aexilia with tears forming in her eyes.

“Truth is, I don’t. I remember how many male vElves were sent to the ground by my own hands. Sometimes I feel like I can still see their blood on my body. Their screams and their last expressions before turning cold - ... lifeless. Whenever that happens, I tell myself that I did what I had to do for a brighter future. We don’t have a choice, Aexy. Either we let life slowly chokes us to death or we rise up together and fight.”

“I know we didn' t have a choice. I’m just… I’m not strong like you… I’m scared of slowly losing my sanity.” replied Aexilia, bawling her eyes out on my shoulder.

I let Aexilia cry her eyes out for half a clock rotation.

“I know what you need. You need a valid reason to justify your actions. Hmm, let me think… Remember the sleazy guards face when he realized what was really happening?” I said while putting my hands on her dainty shoulders.

Aexilia’s eyes started to light up and the corners of her mouth moving upwards before forming a small smile.

“How can I not? That guard has been taunting us ever since we were seven. Thank goddess, he’s just a bag of meat and bones now. Wait ... maybe just even bones right now.” replied Aexilia with a light chuckle.

Aexilia and I looked into each other’s eyes before laughing hysterically.

I don’t know which one is funnier.

Seeing the inferno of the great vElves empire swirling and ravaging all that’s left. Or, seeing my pretty friend Aexilia laugh like a cackle of hungry hyenas.

Still sitting on the edge of a hill, Aexilia and I continued to reminisced the time when the empire of vElves existed.

It was a different world then.

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