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Vumanoids: Part 3

I was only seven summers at that time. The central alarm was blaring and flickering its red light to wake up the females. That was the way of them saying get up now or get beaten up.

By whom you ask? Well ... - the male guards of course. Females are only allowed to live and serve their one-true-purpose in life. That so-called purpose is determined the moment the babes were born.

The council of males - Vetales - developed a system that could determine the best position for each female in the vElves society. The system is extremely advanced as it can create a projection of the body fat deposition, muscle tissue deposition, brain activity and potential lifespan.

Right after each babe is born, they are injected with a hallucinogenic chemical and placed inside an incubator that is loaded up with the system. All babes will undergo a simulation and the system will alert the Vetales if the babe shows exceptional brain activity and response.

The ones that do are usually taken away to an incinerator and silenced forever...

The older females said the males are being more cautious than ever after the failed uprising that happened ten summers before I was born. They know what the females are capable of so they nip it in the buds before the situation spirals out of control.

Not a single female can recall their experience being in the incubator. How could they anyway? All of them have just graced the world a few clock rotations before it happens.

Hearing the alarm, I quickly get up and dusted my poor excuse of a dress. Although I have to admit that having a thin raggedy straw dress is better than being in a birthday suit. The females said I will get new clothes when I reach twelve summers.

“Don’t ask for more. Just take what is given. Remember to never look them in the eyes. They see it as a sign of challenge.” Said the wise female known as Merna.

I joined the other females lining up to wash their face at the water room. All females must wash their face and brush the stones inside their mouth. Apparently if you don’t wash the stones everyday, they will darken and emit a foul smell.

After brushing my stones, I joined another line to the sustenance room. The Vetales do not provide much education for the females. We are only taught about basic things such as culture, history, language and how to take care of ourselves.

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