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Vumanoids: Part 6

“What the fuck, Aexy? Why didn’t you tell me you’re joining the uprising?” I whispered to Aexilia. “I tried, Vea. But you’re all about the Vetales this and the Vetales that. I don’t know how to break it to you that the world is not as pretty as your rose-tinted glasses. Plus, you’re not good at keeping secrets anyway” Aexilia explained to me calmly.

“But I don’t have a rose-tinted glasses, Aexy.” I whispered back to Aexilia. “Oh my god, Vea. It’s just an expression” laughed Aexilia. “Right. I’m trying to join the uprising and Merna gave me a test. She said it’s a very simple test. Doesn’t seem like it from the sound of it though” I told Aexilia using my quiet voice.

“So what’s your test anyway? Maybe I can help you a bit. I owe you one for keeping secrets from you” replied Aexilia. “We’ve been watching you from afar since last summer. We know you’re a curious one. Read the paper inside your pocket when you’re alone. There, you’ll find your test.” I mimicked Merna’s voice using my best attempt. I handed the crumpled paper inside my pocket to Aexilia.

Yellow hair, yellow skin, yellow clothes. Befriend the male vElf who is called Anor. Return with knowledge that no one knows. “You know who Anor is right? He’s the golden boy. Always surrounded with other males. This test sure is tough” said Aexilia.

Since I was given no deadline to complete the test, I decided to watch Anor from afar instead. I picked up fallen leaves and trash while observing Anor. The male was playing with other males. They were kicking a ball and trying to get it pass through a huge gap between two poles. Aexilia was right, he’s always surrounded with other males. After watching him for 7 clock rotations, I knew there was no chance I could pass the test. My pockets were full of fallen leaves too.

Come to think of it, maybe this test was designed to fail me instead. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? So much for we have been observing you bla bla bla bullshit. I walked back with incredible speed to the females building. I kept my head down as to not raise any suspicion. THUD! Something just hit my head sending my face to the ground. The side of my head was bruised and my face was covered with dirt. Cursing under my breath, I lifted my body up and my head hit a hard surface. “What now? I just want to go back to the females building” I said while gritting my teeth. “Are you okay? You don’t look okay actually. My bad for asking. Here, let me help you get up” said an unfamiliar male voice. I let the male with unfamiliar voice lift me up from the ground. Still looking at the ground, I mustered the word thank you before walking back to the direction of females building. “No, you’re not going back looking like that. I’m sorry you got hit by the orb that my friends and I used to play. At the very least, let me help you get cleaned up and ice the bruise. I’m Anor by the way. Nice to meet you.” said Anor.

Upon hearing his name, I lifted my face and looked straight at his face. Damn, he’s a freaking Adonis! “I’m Vea…Vea…Veara. Nice to meet you too.” I said while stuttering to pronounce my name.

Adonis aka Anor, brought me to a white room. It was very clean and futuristic looking. There were rows of white cabinets with small bottles inside. Medicine, that’s what Anor said. They’re called medicine. You take them when you’re not feeling great. Like when your head feels hot or when there’s water flowing out of your nose. “Sit here. I want to have a look at your head. Seems like a minor bruise. I’ll clean you up and put some ice on it. Should be back as new tomorrow” said Anor.

Anor wiped off the dirt on my head using a pristine white cloth that has now turned brown. Then, he put a cold substance on my head. “Thank you, Anor. Why are you helping me? I thought males and females are not supposed to interact with each other.” I asked Anor while still casting my eyes downward. Anor pushed my head upwards gently and careful as to not irritate my already bruised head.

“Look at me. Stare at me. Do we look different? We are the same species albeit differs in gender. Why must females be treated differently than us? Treated like you females matter less than us? I do not believe in all the nonsense that the Vetales has put inside my head. I know there was an uprising more than twenty summers ago. The Vetales love keeping things secret. But I know that the uprising happened because the females were oppressed and wanted it to change. I believe that all vElves should be treated equally with respect. And that means you should not cast your eyes downwards in my presence. Chin up. We are all vElves here.” said Anor.

He told me about the time he got whipped in a private court hearing for voicing out about the unequal treatment between vElves. He showed me the scars and said that was his pride. I maintained a stoic face while smiling internally.

Guess who’s passing the test!

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