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How to stake vechain?

"Staking involves holding or locking a specific amount of cryptocurrency tokens in order to take part in a network's operations and earn rewards as a result."

Stake your VET

Yes - it's that easy!

By holding VET, you can earn VTHO rewards, a key advantage of the vevhain ecosystem. Unlike other systems, you don't need to lock up your tokens or meet a minimum threshold to start earning VTHO with your VET. Simply hold VET in our official wallets, and you'll automatically start earning rewards – it's that easy!

Want to start earning rewards by staking your vechain (VET) tokens? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Purchase VET: You can buy VET on various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bitrue,, and Bitvavo.

  2. Set up a staking-supported vechain wallet: We recommend using our official wallets to securely store your VET and start earning rewards. Follow the instructions to set up your wallet properly.

    1. The VeChainThor mobile wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices

    2. The VeWorld desktop wallet is the official desktop wallet.

  3. Transfer your VET tokens to your wallet: Move your VET tokens from the exchange to your staking-supported wallet. Make sure to select the VechainThor network.

  4. That's it! Your VET tokens will automatically start generating VTHO at a rate of 4.32 VTHO per 10,000 VET per day, without the need to delegate your coins.

  5. Monitor your staking rewards: You can check your staking rewards anytime on your wallet's interface. Rewards are distributed every block (10 seconds) based on the amount of VET tokens you hold.

Staking vechain on exchanges

Some exchanges give out rewards as well for holding VET, but we always recommend moving your coins onto our official wallets.

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