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Q: What is VeGnomes NFT?

A: VeGnomes is an NFT collection consisting of 3,333 uniquely generated pieces of art residing on the VeChainThor blockchain as VIP-181 tokens. Each attribute is hand drawn by pencil and then digitally vectorized. Each VeGnome is algorithmically generated and completely unique from one another. VeGnomes will be launching on NFT marketplace

Q: Who is behind VeGnomes NFT?

A: VeGnomes is the FIRST VNFT collection in which the creators are fully public. Founder: Jeff P, a personal trainer who specializes in powerlifting & bodybuilding style training Find his social here: -- Artist: Rob DT who has a very unique, robust, and psychedelic art style. Find his social here: -- Community Mod: @Heyimstoned

Q: Is there going to be a whitelist for presale?

A: There are 333 whitelist spots available to active community members. Keep an eye out in the announcements tab to see how you can become whitelisted.

Q: When is the mint date?

A: Mint date is TBA. As of now we are planning for mid to late January

Q: What will the minting price be?

A: Mint price is 333 $VET per VeGnome

Q: What utility does this project have?

A: Aside from being beautiful profile pictures, VeGnomes will have a community wallet where 10% of all mint sales & 2.5% of royalties will be used to sweep the floor of the VeGnomes market as well as other VNFT projects. The community will ultimately decide which projects to use the funds on. The swept NFTs will then be distributed to VeGnomes holders. Our goal is to help facilitate the growth of the VNFT market, especially to the projects which the community feels is deserving. On top of that, 3 lucky holders of VeGnomes will receive a fully custom physical piece of art by our artist, shipped to you free of charge. This can be a painting of your VeGnome, or it can be a fully custom piece commissioned by you.

Q: What are the plans for the future?

A: We plan to collaborate with other VNFT projects as well as release a follow-up collection in which VeGnomes holders will receive benefits. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with announcements and giveaways! - (edited)

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333 VET

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