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We made contact...

We recieved a transmission stating that they located us through the Arecibo message sent out in 1974.

Currently on their way to our world. Arriving from the vast constellation of the most distant stars.
Travelling astronomical distances, seemingly interested to integrate into our society.

These colorful aliens are obsessed over our planet's species, culture and particularly fashion. Resulting in a confusion as they begun assimilating their appearance based on these parameters.

The transmission ends with a signature we translated as The Vesitors.

We know they are coming...

The Vesitors


The Vesitors is an NFT collection consisting of 10 000 uniquely generated pieces of art.
Living on the VeChain blockchain as VIP-181 tokens.



Images and metadata hosted on ipfs

All the images and associated metadata files are hosted on IPFS. This ensures that the collection will live on forever in a decentralized matter.

random minting order

The NFTs will be minted in a random order to ensure a fair distribution.

unique rarity system with set bonuses

Each Vesitor can have up to 6 base traits. In addition, set bonuses will also increase the overall rarity score of a Vesitor.

token system

The VES token will support the Vesitor ecosystem and be usable in the marketplace, for P2E gaming and more features in the future

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