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$VET Recovery

Did you sent your $VET tokens to your Ethereum, BSC, or other tokens' address?

First of all, don't worry! This guide will help you recover your funds.

Step 1: Verify you used VechainThor to transfer your tokens

Before we start, double check that you sent your $VET tokens by using the VechainThor network. You can easily check that by going to VeChainStats and search for your wallet address!


If you sent the tokens by using the VechainThor network, they should be visible on the wallet account page and you will be able to see your transaction. If you don't see your $VET, you might have used a different network to send your tokens, like BSC or Cronos. You have to follow another guide for this.

Do you see your $VET on VeChainStats? Perfect! Let's continue the guide.

Step 2: Download the official Sync2 wallet

Download the official Sync2 wallet.




Step 3: Import your wallet with your seed (mnemonic) phrase

Now select the tab that contains the Network your wallet address belongs to.

You've sent your $VET tokens to your address that belongs to the Ethereum Network. Let's recover your funds now.

Open Sync2 and use the Import wallet option.

1. Enter your 12 words

2. Click on [Advance]

3. Select Ethereum

4. Click OK

And that's it! You now imported your Ethereum wallet address on the VechainThor network and you have access to your tokens again!

If you somehow did not succeed, please contact VetMaik through the chat option on this website.


Want to support our efforts?

MyVechain offers all services 100% free of charge! We do  accept donations to support our project and as a token of gratitude for our assistance. On the below address we accept tokens from the Vechain, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon Networks.


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