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Welcome to VETPets, the first fully customized NFT collection on the VeChain Blockchain. Minted on the World of V (WOV) marketplace, a limited two hundred and fifty unique pixelated designs were launched each representing the desires of their original owners. Unlike the many other great NFTs available on the market, VETPets maintains a personal quality as each one is crafted to the aspirations of the adopter. The initial birth of these custom spirits were released in a Generation One VETPets collection. The collection presales sold out quickly leaving many aspiring owners without a beloved VETPets. Thankfully, collectors will have opportunities to grab a piece of the action through secondary market listings on the WOV marketplace. VETPets is a custom and extremely limited collection, so adopters of the NFT tend to hold on tight, but, surely some Generation One collectibles will reach the marketplace; So get your nets ready!

VETPets is a growing community and its artists are focused on delivering meaningful NFTs to the masses. Along with special holiday editions such as the Halloween VETPets Undead collection, prospective owners will have much to look forward to in the future. To meet growing demand, VETPets Generation Two is currently in the planning stages and the team will be sharing information along the way. If you are looking to own a VETPets collectible, stay up-to-speed with the team’s developments by following the VETPets webpage, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for regular updates and giveaways. Join the VETPets army, but before you do, please understand: You cannot simply buy VETPets, you must adopt them!

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