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Veysarum is a generative art collection coming soon to the VeSea Marketplace. 

Physarum is a natural and common slime mold, also referred to as “the blob”. This collection takes the Physarum growth and decay layers and intertwines it with randomized factors to create one of a kind images.



Loosely, generative art or algorithmic art is created using computer code (algorithm). Once created, the code can be static and never change or manipulated with random numbers and variables to produce variety.


Veysarum's Story

How is Veysarum built?
Using R coding, the core inspiration is a physarum-based algorithm, described by Sage Jenson and later by Antonio Chinchón. I spent months changing, adapting, and building my algorithm to meet my vision of a generative art collection that can simultaneously create both complex and simple images just by changing its randomized variable values.
How does it go from code to image?
The algorithm generates over 3 million data points and contains 25 randomized variables. The dataset is then plotted on a graph with randomized graph settings. All image edits are done within the algorithm, with zero human interactions or changes after the code output is complete.
What is in the collection?
The collection will contain 10,000 NFTs. To get to 10K, the algorithm was run on a continuous loop with a new randomization “seed” created on every new occurrence. For each loop iteration,one dataset was created. This dataset was plotted in a series up 10 different ways- all plots within a series also contained randomized variables to ensure each image and each series would be different from the rest.
To keep the collection size manageable for database storage, if the Veysarum image generated was, at any time over 3mb in size, the code stopped, image and dataset deleted, and a new seed generated for the next plot series. This meant some plots would finish the series, but others would exit early, generating less than 10 images. If the series was able to create all 10 images in the series, a gif was created from 2 randomly selected images of the series (this was only kept if less than 8mb). Collection will include both GIFs and Stills.
Will there be a rarity chart?
Yes! Creation data was logged during every plot build in the collection. More announcements to come regarding different rarity attributes.
Details for whitelist will be released soon. Will likely do some version similar to VeGhosts. That seemed to work well
Whitelist pricing- 400 VET (Limit 1) After Whitelist- 800 VET FLAT MINT PRICE
Mint date:
Tentatively 11/19
PFP Integration:
TBD with VeSea and other community partner teams. NFT collaboration is always tricky, but pfp commissioned work is always possible depending on interest from the community- see my profile with my VeKing and a Veysarum background gif.
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