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What happened after a species commits a gender-selective mass killing? Well, there’s only one gender left.


Vumanoids is a collection of humanoids on the VeChain blockchain. The first species of Vumanoids is vElves.


They look cute but they are not ones to be trifled with. There are only 7777 vElves left after the gendercide.


Minting info

Mint date

Tuesday, 30th November 


NFT reveal will be each 77 hours until mint is closed after 7 days. All non-minted vElves will perish in battle.

Max supply: 7777 vElves


Price info

Mint Price: 77 VET

Why 77 VET?

Seven (7) is the number in the Vumanoids Universe holding a lot of history and magical powers. It's also very important to mint as many vElves as possible, because you - #VeFam - will decide how many vElves will survive the war against Vetales and their males. We need all vElves in order to save their civilization and future.



vElves are all female survivors of the great war. How will they survive and save their civilization? 

Breeding mechanism ...

To be continued

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