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Michele Petrelli
Michele Petrelli

Heavenly Appearance

Michele Petrelli releases his first collection on World of V on November 19th, 8PM GMT+1. Lose yourself in his dazzling portraits.

Julianne | Single edition 1/1 | 20K VET start auction [Link to auction]

Marisol | 20/20 editions | 1500 VET

Sara | 100/100 editions | 50 priced at 200 VET, 50 priced at 2000 WOV

Collection gallery

Artist info

Michele Petrelli contemporary italian artist,was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991. In 1999 he obtained the title of technical designer. He says about himself:

“I am an enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour”. During the first part of his life he did not have much painting. He drew horrible figures that seem to come from his emotional states.

In 2007 His virtual installation Attraction was selected among the top thirty finalists of Brain International Visual Arts competition. Artists, come from 55 different nations, were taken in it. In the same year The work was published on the event catalogue and shown in Trieste.

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