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V-Ladies is a collection of eccentric, cool and diverse young ladies from all over the world.

Each V-lady has her own sparkling personality that manifest in different ways making each one unique and different from the others. A single letter accumulates them all, but none of them knows of the existence of the others.

Scattered all over the globe at thousands of kilometers away from each other, the destiny and the power of a single letter has brought them all together

Status: 012/198 minted

Each Thursday WildMind drops 6 new V-Ladies on the World of V Marketplace


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The Project

V-Ladies is a collection of 198 unique NFTs. Each collectable is a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn original piece done with love. The V-Ladies will be revealed and minted 6 at a time, until the stories and faces of all 198 are revealed. The collection live on the VeChain blockchain as NFT. V-Ladies will be launched on WoV marketplace and aims to grow this fantastic art space. The project celebrates the VeFam community by giving life to V-Ladies who personify the essence of our beloved V’s.

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